Yamaha Boat Motors.

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    The best yamaha boat motors in the HSIU CHIANG!


    • Type:Motor Starting Compensator

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    1.Starter - MITSUBA PMDD
    2.For YAMAHA PWC; 12-Volt; CW
    3.Used On: 
    2005-98 GP800 Wave Runner 784CC
    2002-97 GP1200 Wave Runner 1176CC
    2005-03 GP1300 Wave Runner 1300CC
    1996-95 RA1100 Wave Runner 1100CC
    2004-99 SUV1200 1176CC
    1997-96 WVT1100 Wave Vent 1100CC
    2001-00 XL800 Wave Runner 784CC
    2000-98 XL1200 Wave Runner 1176CC
    2004-02 XLT800 Wave Runner 784CC
    2005-01 XLT1200 Wave Rnr 1176CC
    Replaces: Yamaha 63M-81800, 63M-81800-00
    Engines: 1100 & 1200cc
    Lester 18421; PIC 191-012; 2-2154